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Events and Trips

The Friends of Guildford House organise several visits a year to Art exhibitions and houses of historic interest. The visits to art gallery exhibitions mainly take place during the winter months and, for the most part, include new exibitions in London and the South East.


Trips to historic houses take place during the spring and summer months. Many of these houses are owned by the National Trust or English Heritage but some are privately owned. The trips are taken by coach which picks up members from several pick-up points in or around Guildford. Please see the  Trips page for details.


The Friends also organise a number of lectures each year, many of which will have a subject relevant to an upcoming trip. The lectures are given in the Guildhall, Guildford High Street. Please see the Lectures page for upcoming lectures.

Upper room in Guildford House

Portrait by John Russell

in Guildford House